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Minimal Javascript Example

This file demonstrates the use of JavaScript and LiveConnect in controlling the applet.

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  1. You must set server, username and password in uuploadsecure.js
  2. If you wish to hide the applet, you may set the width and height variables in uuploadsecure.js to 1 in order to "hide" the applet.
    Syntax to hide the applet in uuploadsecure.js:
    var width = "1";
    var height = "1";
  3. You must have a valid license in order to use the upload() function.
  4. With the main GUI hidden, you can control the applet functionality with the LiveConnect scripting interface instead.

You may place the browse button anywhere on the webpage ---

You may place the file selection text box anywhere on the webpage ---

You may place the send files button also anywhere on the webpage ---